GIF Tips.

I decided I would make a ‘GIF TIPS’ page, as people always question there GIF’s and say stuff like ‘Why can’t I get it better quality?’ so I thought I’d make this to be helpful. Enjoy;

  • Use a 1080p video. Download it from Keepvid in MP4 1080p format. Remember that will only be there if the video is HD on Youtube. So make sure your video link is HD.
  • Least frames as possible. The more frames in your GIF, the less colour you can have. So, when you are selecting what part of the video you want to make your GIF out of. Press the ‘Limit to every 2 frames’, this helps a great deal and cuts the amount of frames by a half. 
  • Certain part of the GIF moving. This may be difficult to follow, but its very simple! This will only work if your subject on your GIF is still (Example, an Interview of Jessie where she is still on a sofa and the camera doesnt move.) So Duplicate ANY of your layers (Only 1) Do this by Right Clicking the layer and click ‘Duplicate Layer’. Then, drag that layer to the top. Now, Get the Eraser tool, and erase around your SUBJECT. This is allowing that part to move, and the background to not move.
  • Timing. Very important. If you use the Animation Timeline on photoshop, when you play the GIF, that isn’t accurate. These are the timings I use: Without pressing ‘limit to every 2 frames’ I use 0.07. With press the ‘limit to every 2 frames’ I use 0.12. Remember that is only my preference and it can change if I want it to be slow motion.
  • Watermark.  So you’ve made your GIF and you love it. When you put it on Tumblr I guarantee that some idiot will steal it and put it on Weheartit, and you won’t get ANY credit! So, to prevent this, watermark it. This means you put your blog name on the GIF. To do this, Select the TOP LAYER on the Layer panel, and THE FIRST FRAME on the Timeline. Then use the text tool etc and place it where you want. (IF YOU MOVE YOUR TEXT, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT ON FRAME 1, LAYER 1) And put the Opacity to 40%.
  • Colour. Colour always looks good on a GIF if you use a good PSD. But adding a PSD to a GIF will increase its filesize. So sometimes It’s better to do a GIF in black and white, this decreases the file size! I do this all the time if a GIF with colour has a too big file size. Also, try and make sure that you don’t have a really bright vibrant gif, Tumblr struggles compressing really high colour gifs. That’s why sometimes, although your GIF is under 999k it still wont upload and you will get the ‘Error Uploading Photo’ message.
  • GIF Size: So, I mostly always (apart from in photosets) make the width of my GIF’s 500px, then it will automatically set the height size. For GIF/Edit photosets I use 245 x 245 or 245 x 300 
  • Tags. When you upload your GIF to Tumblr, remember to TAG it with relevant things. For example when I upload a GIF I tag it ‘Jessie J’ ‘GIF’ And then it goes onto my GIF’s page.        
I really hope I helped some people out! If you have any questions, or this is confusing please message me! I’m awfully bad at wording things. Im always here to help you<3<3
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